A Morning of Calmness & Peace In Shaftesbury Abbey, Dorset

This morning we held the 2nd in a series of free meditation and music sessions in the beautiful contemplative setting of Shaftesbury Abbey. Visitors came and enjoyed some mindfulness meditation sitting in silence in amongst the ancient stones, museum and gardens of the Abbey. The stillness of ‘just sitting’ and being with all that is – a chance for the mind to lightly settle and rest.
The morning was complemented with Kachina Aimee, a local singer and harpist who sang songs and played her Celtic Harp, creating a palpable atmosphere of magic that resonated around the ancient stones – quite breathtakingly beautiful.

…The soul breathes with a sigh of relaxation and connection again.

Kachina Aimee Singer and Harpist www.kachinaaimee.com www.facebook.com/kachinaaimeemusic

Shaftesbury Abbey Museum & Gardens 01747 852910  www.shaftesburyabbey.org.uk