Is your mind overactive and causing you to feel stressed?

In this increasingly busy world of ours, with stress and information overload, developing a daily mindfulness practice can restore calmness and balance to your everyday life.

Scientific studies have shown that practicing mindfulness, even for a few weeks, can bring a variety of physical, mental and social benefits. It teaches us how to respond to our challenges, rather than reacting with the usual habitual patterns that we’ve learnt over the years.

Mindfulness helps us observe & learn how our minds work

At its heart, mindfulness is a very simple concept. It trains us to slow down our brain chatter and come home to the present moment, a sort of waking up to the ‘here and now’.

It’s about choosing where to rest your attention and being with your experience as best you can… however it is. We learn to cultivate an open-hearted awareness of all our thoughts, emotions and sensations, and to hold them with spaciousness and understanding.

Rapidly expanding research is showing that developing compassion for ourselves and others, is strongly associated with emotional strength and resilience, helping to create a life filled with meaning and purpose, and leading us to greater health and well-being.

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